Covid Changes That We Were Adapting To

Author: Richard Poruchny | | Categories: Automation and Controls , Commercial Electrical Services , Electrical Renovations , Industrial Electrical Services , Lighting Installation


When it comes to being an electrical contractor, there were a lot of requirements that people wanted to sort out. During the pandemic, many people made changes and renovations to their houses. With many now working from home, we had to make sure that they could set up their computers and other electrical requirements to get started. There were many changes we had to go through, and getting through the process was quite challenging.

One of the most challenging aspects of our work was that we could not meet some clients in person because of the Covid restrictions. Most of the clients we work with were open to meeting in person, which made the entire process much easier. 

Over the next six months, we see a lot of changes that will be taking place, and we are working on adapting to them. Covid-19 forced us to make some changes in how we perform jobs for our clients. We brought in Covid safe policies and procedures to keep our clients and employees safe. Initially, we had our residential and commercial projects slow down, however, we and our clients have adapted and returned to normal operating. We also made sure the team we are working with follows all the safety requirements and rules to make sure they are the people they are communicating with are safe.

There were a lot of changes that we had to get used to. One of the most significant ones was adapting to a new style of communicating with everyone. With the new changes, most of our communications were performed electronically, so we did not have a big change here. We were no longer meeting people in person unnecessarily, and we were taking all the necessary precautions. 

After working remotely for some time, we had to get back to the office. Currently, we are working from our office space. We haven’t been too adversely affected by working remotely. We always follow the social distancing norms when we have to survey a house and give our clients quotes, as well as when we work on getting the job done as well. When it comes to working from our office, we have a rule of a maximum of ten people coming into the office at a time. We have a pretty large office but want to ensure that the people we deal with are safe and can get through the process.

We work on keeping the place clean and well sanitized daily, not forgetting all the other cleaning procedures that we have going about, especially in the common areas like the lobby. Currently, we did not change our working hours and put in as much time as we always did. If anything, there are some instances where we are putting in a few more hours to complete the task that we were running.

Unlike most companies working online and using the internet to send over their information, they had to make sure they had processes in place so that the people they communicated and coordinated with were safe. We do not handle a lot of remote content and barely coordinate through various software other than email and Whatsapp. We use a standard encrypted email service that we had in place for quite a while. Google Business Services solves all our issues and is convenient and works like a charm.

 With the nature of the work we do, we have to be open to in-person meetings. We adhere to strict Covid protocols, including face covering, social distancing, and sanitization procedures. When it does come to coordinating remotely, we prefer using Google Meet or Microsoft teams to get through the process.

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