Frequently Asked Questions About Home Automation

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Smart homes can increase energy efficiency, maximize home security and improve appliance functionality. The best thing about home automated tools is that they can be controlled remotely, making them highly convenient.

However, when it comes to home automation, clients have many questions but often find answers difficult to come by. 

Therefore, Dubrule Electrical & Automation Ltd. wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you weigh your options and make some wise choices. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about home automation.

1. What is a smart home?
Generally, a smart home is a home that uses smart devices to automate and control common household functions—often through mobile apps and voice commands. 

2. Is smart home technology affordable?
It will always depend on how “smart” you want your home to become. It can range from a few hundred dollars to up to twenty thousand dollars or more to fully automate every room in the house. It can include installing lights, blinds, locks, appliances, irrigation systems, thermostats, hubs, and four smart speakers. 

3. Which devices are typically used in a smart home?
The most common starter devices are smart thermostats, voice-activated smart speakers, door locks, and light switches.

4. Does home automation increase home value?
Absolutely. Depending on the scale of the system, a home automation system can set your home apart from other houses on the market. Appraisers make what they call “adjustments” when comparing smart home-enabled technology to similar technology but with home deficits. 

5. Can I upgrade an existing or older home with smart home technology?
The short answer is yes. Ninety percent of new smart home technology will work with your existing wiring and infrastructure. It means that you could build a pretty advanced system into an older home. 

We hope these answers made you feel comfortable exploring home automation in more detail.

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